BJJ Technique

75 min. All techniques and concepts. Recommended for those with some experience. Live sparring (rolls) at the end of class where you can test all positions and moves.

Nogi Technique

75 min. All techniques, without the gi (uniform), which allows for different grips and a different strategy.

BJJ Focus

60 min. Structured dive into foundational BJJ. Recommended for students new to our studio, white belts, and blue belts. Class is capped at 12 students.


75 min. Exploration of BJJ concepts to wrap up your week. Recommended for all levels.

Women's BJJ & Self Defense

75 min. Women's only class. foundational BJJ and Self Defense. Taught by a female coach and active competitor.

BJJ Kata

60 min. Exploration of BJJ moves based on set sequences. No sparring.

Open Mat

30-75 min. Live sparring, drilling, and open training. Open to all members in the Lotus BJJ network.


60-75 min. After class cooldown with a certified Yoga instructor. Restorative in nature and open to all levels.

We also offer workshops, seminars, and private classes for members and non-members. Contact us or simply fill out the Free Trial form to learn more.