Lotus Jiu Jitsu Program

Lotus Jiu Jitsu Program

Jiu Jitsu for everyone! At Gentle Art Studio we believe all individuals can excel physically and mentally by beginning their Jiu Jitsu journey at any age!

BJJ Fundamentals

Our fundamentals class works on the core of BJJ movements to help build a strong foundation and body awareness to evolve all individual’s Jiu Jitsu game.

Jiu Jitsu Advanced

In this class you will find a deeper conditioning training than in the fundamentals. Wide range of drills, techniques and coached rolling is offered. All belt ranks are welcome.

Specific Training

This class is an hour of specific movements structured to help building a strong muscle memory, cardio and skills to help excel student’s development in Jiu Jitsu and daily life.


In this particular class we focus on hard conditioning training with one featured technique followed by one hour of rolling with coaching and meditation for closing.

Executive Jiu Jitsu

This class has been craftily designed for the early bird professional. It has a strong conditioning focus, with Bioginastica warm up, drills, Lotus Kata, techniques and rolling.

No Gi

Training both with gi and no gi is important for your development in BJJ. In this No Gi class, we work on drills, techniques and different grips, along with more fast paced movements and rolling.

BJJ Self-Defense

We believe Jiu Jitsu to be the most complete self-defense system. In this class we offer a more street oriented approach to BJJ. Here the students will learn how to escape, control and counter attack when faced with a harmful situation such as, rape attempt, robbery, assault, etc. There is also a deeper psychological element to the instructions in this class: safe, fun and friendly environment always.

Kids Jiu Jitsu

We are committed to helping our students improve themselves as human beings, building champions in life – on and off the mat. Here your child will become more focused, present, with an increase in balance, coordination and self-confidence. Respect and discipline is a great aspect of the learning process at the dojo. This class will provide kids with the necessary skills to help them defend themselves in a dangerous situation: all within a safe, fun and friendly environment!


This is a member’s only class!

Open Mat

Here the dojo is open for members and guests for rolling and practicing techniques. Everyone is welcome! (* mat fee may apply)

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